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Year of Increase

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Year of Increase





Hey Church,

We had a fantastic time on Sunday in our Brisbane campus with our Anointing Service. It was so good to see so many people hungry for the empowering of God to step into that which He has called us into. In just a couple of Sunday’s time, we’ll be having our Anointing Service in Toowoomba too and I’d encourage you to prepare your hearts and get hungry for God to do something fresh in your life on that morning.

I felt God speak into my heart late last year that 2016 would a year to Build: Strengthen. Establish. Increase.

I’ll share more about that at our Vision Sundays coming up in the next few weeks. But as we began to enter 2016, I got a growing sense that this is going to be a year of increase.

A year of increase in your walk with God. Increase in your family. Increase in your health. Increase in your wellbeing

This is the time to begin to get a Word from God and begin to believe Him that he will bring increase in your life this year.

It’s such an exciting time of year. It’s a time filled with promise and possibility. This time of year speaks to that which God wants to do in your life. But make no mistake; it doesn’t come together by accident. It happens by close relationship with Jesus and the intentional application of God’s Word to our heart – His written Word and His revelation Word . Because you can’t have a revelation Word if you’re not close enough to hear His voice.

We’ll be talking about establishing God’s kingdom as we move forward into the year but let’s never forget that the establishing of God’s Kingdom has nothing to do with our community’s standards. It has nothing to do with the behavior of our community.

This side of Jesus return, the establishment of God’s Kingdom is not a political one. The establishment of Jesus Kingdom starts in the hearts of His people and begins to bring change to the hearts of man.

But that has to start in your heart and mine. As we surrender our hearts and lives to Him all the more; as we allow God to speak His Word into our attitudes and behaviours; only then can we walk in the fullness of the increase God desires us to live in.

Have a great week church. See you on Sunday.