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And You Will Receive Power

Categories: Featured,From Alex and Sarah

Hey Church,
As I’ve been preparing for Pentecost Sunday, I’ve been reading through the book of Acts. It was
such an exciting time in the Bible – and certainly a time that we, as Pentecostals, often reflect back on with almost a sense of nostalgia.
I know at times I’ve read of the miracles and the visible supernatural manifestations and have
focused in on those things as the reason that the Holy Spirit was given. I’ve reflected on that time and mused as to how wonderful it would have been living at that time.
And no doubt, it would have been wonderful.
But as I read through the book of Acts, I can’t help but see that all the miracles performed simply punctuated the normal daily life of the disciples. I can’t help but see that the power of the Holy Spirit was given to enable the disciples to live holy lives, to share the gospel with people and to bring a living manifestation of Jesus to their sphere of influence. It’s impossible to read the book of Acts without seeing that this power of the Holy Spirit wasn’t just a party trick – He was there to give the people of God wisdom, boldness and courage to stand up for the truth and love of Jesus …even to the point of death.
I believe in miracles. And I believe we should be crying out to God for miracles. But as we
approach Pentecost Sunday this weekend, can I encourage you to be seeking God – not only for His miracles – but for His power to live a holy life and be the people of God He created us to be.
A people that are empowered by this same Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead. A people that
bring the life and love of Jesus to every sphere we find ourselves in.
I’m so excited about this Sunday – Pentecost Sunday. A day we will gather together and be
empowered by His Holy Spirit to be who God has called us to be.
See you on Sunday
Alex & Sarah