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Vietnam – 30th March, 2016

Categories: Hope Project Trips

What a day!! The Team delivered Life Skills to the Kindy kids this morning. Songs were sung…in Vietnamese…and lessons were taught about being safe on the roads, hand-washing and the fruits of the spirit. The children loved it!!! And so did we:) The playground was finished, with last bolts and adjustments made, ready for the children to use. We played games with some of the kids and were treated to a lunch made by the teachers, which was delicious! Many wonderful highlights from today and the Team came back to Tra My buzzing😀.

Hand washing can be really fun!!
The Hope Project March 2016
Tiff grinds some bolts down on the playground.
vietnam 2
 Kristen and the puppets used for the hand washing lesson:)
vietnam 3
Removing all the dirt before soaping up and rinsing…
vietnam 4
Loving these Vietnamese masks….
vietnam 5
 Bruce and Tiff help the children as they learn about good fruit and bad fruit in their lives.
vietnam 7
Road safety is a huge issue here and understanding the meaning behind the different traffic lights is just part of helping children to navigate Vietnam’s chaotic roads. 
vietnam 8
Pia braids a teacher’s hair and is rewarded with a reciprocal exchange of hairdressing suggestions. Love it!
vietnam 9
Caitlin instructs the children about why clean hands are important.
vietname 5
 Caillin and Andrew demonstrate the proper use of helmets in the road safety lesson.
 vietnam 6