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Vietnam – 29th March 2016

Categories: Hope Project Trips

What a great Team effort today!!! We are ahead of schedule and the playground is close to completion!!! See-saw installed, Cozy Coupe cars assembled, playground pieced together from nothing more than a picture. We spent time this afternoon preparing to deliver Life Skills training to the Kindergarten children tomorrow in the areas of hygiene, road safety and fruits of the spirit. Just practicing our Vietnamese as we will be singing in the local language 😁.


vietnam 29 1



Kristen puts the final touches on a Cozy Coupe car.








vietnam 29 2


Photo taken with the Principal of the Kindergarten.










vietnam 29 3


Andrew helping with playground construction.. As much as his broken hand will allow..great job!!











vietnam 29 4



When your playground travels by bus from Ho Chi Minh to Danang then van to Tra Giac, you have to expect a little dust…












vietnam 29 5



Pia unloading the van.











vietnam 29 6



OK, so Marion and the girls, in the company of a lovely government official, had their nails done at a local Tra My “salon”… Unfortunately, we’ve discovered that Bushman’s insect repellant is a great nail polish remover!!








vietnam 29 7



A reminder of why we are here…










vietnam 29 8



Caillin┬álends a hand…














vietnam 29 9





Our time here wouldn’t be the same without the amazing members of the ACCIR Team in Vietnam who are some of the most gracious, loveable and funny people you will ever meet.