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Trusting God as my Source

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Hey Church,

As I was praying today I was reminded of Exodus 16.

The people of God were traversing through the wilderness, complaining about the lack of food. God supernaturally supplied manna for them to eat, giving specific instructions not to hold any over until the next day.

But some disobeyed and kept the manna over until the next morning whereupon they found it smelly and full of worms. That which God provided as a blessing became a stench in their nostrils.

It’s easy to think that it was simply disobedience that offended God. In reality, it was their lack of trust in Him that initiated the disobedience. God wanted His people depending on Him daily rather than depending on their ability to gather resource for themselves.

Similarly, God desires us to trust Him for our need rather than trying to store up enough to be able to take care of ourselves. There’s nothing wrong with planning and saving. There’s wisdom in it. But when our abilities and resources become our source – when we become dependent on ourselves and our own capacity, we keep God out of the equation and become gods unto ourselves.

Our efforts at gaining freedom through control over our circumstances – whether financially, relationally or another way – puts us in bondage to that which we try to control.

First fruits is our acknowledgement that everything we have, and will have, comes from our Father in heaven. It was never about law or compulsion. It was always about giving our best to God in a way that says, “I trust you. I rely on you as my supply. Not my employer. Not my skill. I trust you. And I come with thanksgiving at what you’re going to do.”

First fruits is always about the heart. It always was. It always will be.

This next two weeks of firstfruits will be an historic time – initiating something unique in our history – building a home from which we minister into our community.

But let’s not miss the forest for the trees. Ultimately, Firstfruits is still about trust as we ask God, “What’s my part to play?” and begin to sow our finance into His house.

Thank you for walking on this journey. Thank you for trusting and believing God that He will come through in this for His Glory.

See you on Sunday