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The Season Ahead

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Hey church,

After a season of long weekends where we’ve had 4 short weeks in a row, it seems life is going to return to some level of normality. (Wouldn’t it be great if 4 day work weeks were the new normal?)

I was so encouraged by the response on Sunday after we took some time to talk about where our church has been and where we are going in this next season. There was obviously a lot of thinking going on in the congregation and numbers of you came up to me afterward to affirm the season ahead.

In case you missed it, we talked about the season ahead being a season to breathe, a season of community and a season to invest.

A season to breathe

This next season is a time to take a step back and reassess who we are and whether the things we do still reflect that. We’re certainly a different church than we were 12 months ago and we want to take time to relook at who we see ourselves as and what that should look like.

A season of community

I just got the results of the National Church Life Survey yesterday and a significant proportion of our church affirmed that building a sense of community in our church was a priority over the next 12 months. Everything we do must come out of who we are – and who we are FIRST is the family of God. A group of people that lives life close enough to each other to see the good, the bad and the ugly – and then extends grace to cover it all.

A season to Invest

Our Firstfruits offering is coming up on July 18 and with the falling through of the sale of 180 South Pine Rd, we’re going to be investing our first fruits into making GPAC more comfortable, attractive and usable for our church, our service teams and our guests.

It’s going to be a great season ahead and every one of us needs to be a part of it – especially in making our church a place of greater belonging and community. My challenge to you is for you to think about intentionally widening and deepening your friendship circle at church. Making everyone feel like they’re part of family.

If you weren’t there on Sunday, can I encourage you to have a listen to the podcast. It’s so important that we’re all on the same page with what God is wanting to do in our church. You can find the podcast by clicking on the link here.

The bottom line is that it can’t happen without you being a part of it

Looking forward to seeing you on Sunday

Alex & Sarah