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The Ripple Effect

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Hey Church,

For the last few weeks on Sunday night, we’ve been running the Alpha Course in our Brisbane campus. It’s a safe environment where people explore questions about God, Jesus and faith. A place you don’t have to believe in God to connect with others and question who God is.

On Sunday night just gone, one of the participants gave his life to Jesus. How awesome is that?!? Up until he came to HopeCC late last year, he’d had no connection with Jesus or church.

Today he’s on a plane to France. He’s going there with his fiancé to get married and begin a new life with her and her family – the beginning of a brand new life together.

I remember visiting him a few months ago and how impacted he was by the love he felt whenever he came to church. People were friendly but it was more than that – it felt like love was there.

It was a great opportunity to share about God being love and when you sense His presence, it’s no surprise that it feels like love.

Aside from the obvious joy that he’s now begun a journey in knowing God’s love more intimately, something strikes me about this whole situation. He experienced God’s love just by our church being loving. Simply by being friendly and allowing God’s presence to flow through us.

In doing something that simple, it’s changed this guys eternity. It’s changed his family’s destiny. It will change his children’s destiny. And none of you knew you were even doing it.

Sometimes you don’t realize the impact you have on people around you. Let me encourage you to be carriers of God’s love to everyone you meet. You just never know the ripple effect of you being generous with God’s love.

Look for someone to show love to this week. See you on Sunday

Alex & Sarah