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The Power of the Gospel

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Hey Church,

What a fabulous celebration our Easter weekend was. It was so good to come together and celebrate the fantastic things that Jesus death and resurrection has bought for us. It was also great to see a number of people give their lives to Jesus on Resurrection Sunday.

Sometimes I think we underestimate the power of the Gospel. The simple message of salvation – that we were once doomed but Jesus came for us. In His death and resurrection, He restored relationship with God and bought us eternal life.

Because we’ve heard that message for so long, we take it for granted and often don’t realise the power in those words. And because we think that way and minimise the power of that message, we think the people around us won’t find it overly powerful either.

But there is great power in the fact that Jesus gives us a fresh start. There is great power in the fact that Jesus gives our life a purpose and reason for living. There is great power in the fact that Jesus enables us to no longer be bound by our own bad habits. There is great power in the fact that Jesus places us in a new family – the family of God.

These are things that we, so often, take for granted. Yet the world around us so needs to hear that these things are possible.

This Sunday is our Anzac Day honouring service. It is another great opportunity to talk about sacrifice, courage and selflessness. It’s a great opportunity to invite someone to be part of honouring our service men and women. It’s a great opportunity to invite members of the Australian Defence Force.

Can I ask you to be praying and considering who you could invite this Sunday … A day where we honour our service men and women and bring the good news of Jesus to those present with us that morning. If there are people you’re praying for to receive a revelation of Jesus, it would be well worth inviting them to this Sundays honouring service.

See you in church

Alex & Sarah.