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The Blessed Life

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The Blessed Life

Hey Church,

I sit to write this early in the week, knowing that tomorrow at about this time I’ll be sitting in the office of the Brisbane North Planning Team discussing the Development Application for our Brisbane building. It’s a funny feeling.

I understand the importance of this meeting. I know that council have the capacity to make an easy or a difficult path out of getting into our Brisbane building. Yet at the same time, I am acutely aware that God has the whole thing in His hands. I know that He holds the hearts of kings and of men in His hands. I know that God can give us favour and is ultimately in control.

I’ve seen God perform miracles to get us into our Toowoomba building. I’ve seen miracles in the finances of the church to allow us to do things that shouldn’t have been possible. In the last couple of weeks, we’ve seen God do miracles of healing in people’s lives. And I’ve seen God do the biggest miracles of all: moving on the hearts of people and softening them to His purposes – some of those people knew Jesus and some didn’t. God still came through.

Whatever happens tomorrow afternoon, I feel at peace. Knowing that we aren’t called to be in control of every situation we find ourselves in. God doesn’t hold us responsible for the things we have no control over. He simply calls us to do the things we can do and trust Him for the rest.

One of those things we can do is to walk in that blessed life I was talking about on Sunday, in Brisbane. Not just being blessed, but living a life of blessing. As I said on Sunday, when we realize that being blessed isn’t about our stuff, our situations or our circumstances, it gives us the capacity to live a blessed life. Living a life of blessing and generosity toward those God has put around us.

If you weren’t there on Sunday, I’d encourage you to get a hold of the podcast from the website (Click here). And if you were there on Sunday, can I encourage you to ask yourself those three questions that will help you live a life of blessing:

  • What have I been blessed with?
  • How can I be generous with these things to bless others?
  • What opportunities are there coming up in my daily life to bless others?

Sometimes, we can’t control our health, our financial situation, our circumstances or even the council. But we can control whether we live a life of blessing by understanding what that means and choosing to be generous enough to bless those around us.

My greatest desire is that you wouldn’t just be blessed, but that you would live a blessed life in the true sense of the word.

See you on Sunday