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Hey Church,

Thank you for the overwhelming response we’ve received after our announcement on Sunday Morning.  Sarah & I were really touched by the words spoken, the social media responses and the care shown.

It’s a funny feeling to be in this position and it’s certainly at times like this that you realize how much you love the people God has placed around you as church family. We’ve always been grateful – and certainly it was never something we took for granted. But I reflect now and wonder if I communicated that love as often or as deeply as I felt it.

It’s certainly a reminder to me that, all too often, we take for granted the people around us that we care about most – Family. Church family. Friends. It’s only when we realize that situations are changing that it dawns on us that now is the right time to say “thank you” and “I love you”

So let me say it to you now. Church, Sarah and I are so grateful to you and we love you. We’re so grateful for the privilege it’s been to be part of this family. So grateful for the way you’ve accepted us for who we are – weird bits and all. For the way you allowed us into your life and for the way you were willing to share ours too.

I also want to thank you because you’ve always put the Kingdom first – even at your own expense. Your heart has always been to see the Gospel preached and lives changed. For people to know that God’s love is toward them.

I know that as we – the Attard’s and HopeCC – enter this new season, our lives will continue to be set toward building His Kingdom and loving our sphere of influence. It’s an exciting season for both of us and I want to encourage you to grab it with both hands even as we’ll be doing the same.

Never take for granted the phenomenal people you have around you. Let me encourage you to take some time this week to tell someone close that you love them and to thank someone else for the kindness they show you.

We love you church and can’t wait to see you on Sunday.

Alex & Sarah