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Strike the Ground

Categories: Featured,From Alex and Sarah

Hey Church,

We’re in the home stretch of our first Call to Prayer for 2017.

Thank you so much for being willing to fast and pray – seeking God for His favour on our church and on your life.

I have a great sense of something over our church beginning to break open. The last couple of Sunday’s have had a great presence of the Holy Spirit over them and this Sunday is going to be at another level.

Many of you know the story found in 2 Kings 13 – Elisha’s final prophecy to King Joash. He told Joash to strike the ground with his arrows. Joash, not realizing the significance of the moment, struck the ground 3 times and stopped. Elisha was angry with Joash because he missed the opportunity to have total victory – striking the ground only 3 times instead of pressing the advantage. Elisha tells Joash, “If you struck the ground 5 or 6 times, you would have defeated your enemies utterly. But now you will only have 3 victories over them.

I’m excited that God has started to break something open over our church, but in these last few days of our first Call to Prayer, let’s not miss the significance of the time God has us in. Can I encourage you to continue to “strike the ground”. Let’s keep praying and crying out to God – declaring favour over our lives, our families, our church and our sphere of influence.

This Sunday with Matt is going to be phenomenal. I’ve known Matt for almost 30 years and he always comes with great revelation and a touch of the Holy Spirit. After 2 weeks of fasting and prayer, I’m believing God that this weekend will be a real breakthrough time.

Make sure you’re here to be part of it. We so want to see God touch your life.

See you on Sunday

Alex & Sarah