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State of the Nation

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Hey Church,

Thank you so much for being a part of our ANZAC Day honouring service. It’s a great opportunity to show our defence force that we, as a church, are grateful for their service.

I hope you got to attend one of the many ANZAC Day functions held across Brisbane on Tuesday. You may not have a lot of contact with people from the ADF directly, but attending a service or march is a very tangible way you can show that you honour and support the service rendered by our Defence Force personnel.

This Sunday, we’re going to be looking at where we’re at as a church and what this year looks like moving forward. As many of you would be aware, because of our return from Sabbatical in February, we didn’t have a vision Sunday when we normally would. As I said then, I just wanted to take some time to process what it is that God had laid on my heart and how that outworks for our church in 2017.

So this Sunday, I want to take some time to explain where I see our church is at and what our path forward looks like. Part of that will involve the progress of our building at 180 South Pine Rd, what will be happening with our Firstfruit offering in June and our focus for the year ahead.

So much has happened in the last 6-8 months and our church is in a vastly different space to where it was this time last year. This creates both unique opportunities and challenges that we haven’t encountered for some time. It also gives us the ability to refocus on what God has destined for us as a church and how that outworks – both corporately and individually.

Let me encourage you to come on Sunday with a sense of expectation that God wants to speak to us as a church and you as an individual.

Can’t wait to see you on Sunday. Hope the remainder of your week is filled with blessing.

Alex & Sarah