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Seizing the Opportunity

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Hey church,

Less than a month ago that we launched our vision for the year:

Establish God’s Kingdom. Strengthen Relationships. Increase in Life.

At the time I shared it, I commented that the corporate vision of our church isn’t just programs or events we put on as a church. It’s about each one of us being intentional about making the time and resource available to live this vision out.

Over the next few weeks, we have two great opportunities to Establish God’s Kingdom and Strengthen Relationships.

On Friday night, March 11, we’ve booked out a cinema for a private screening of the movie, RISEN. On this night, we canStrengthen Relationships by inviting someone to the movie; having dinner beforehand with some people or going out afterward for a coffee and chat about the movie.  We can also Establish Gods Kingdom by buying a ticket for a friend or neighbour who hasn’t heard about God’s love for them; having a conversation afterward with that person around what they thought of the movie or simply turning up and bringing an atmosphere of expectation!

Following that, on Saturday March 19, we’re all getting together at Logans Inlet at Lake Wivenhoe for our Combined Family BBQ. Obviously this is a great chance to Strengthen Relationships by simply being there and choosing to engage with the people around you. But it’s also the perfect event to Establish Gods Kingdom. Simply by pushing past yourself and talking to someone you don’t know, you bring heavens culture of inclusion. You bring heavens culture of belonging. You bring heavens culture of selflessness.

We’re being very deliberate about creating opportunities to BUILD in 2016. But for us to be the church God wants us to be, it won’t be because of great planning of events. It will only be because each one of us recognizes our opportunities and lays hold of them when they appear.

Here are two opportunities that have been placed before us. Let me encourage you to carve out time in your diary and allocate the resource you need to in order to lay hold of them.

See you on Sunday