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Receiving from God

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It’s finally here!

Presence Camp 2015 is on this weekend. An opportunity to come together and deliberately set time aside, with intentionality, to allow God to speak into our lives.

I’m believing God to do miracles in your life. Miracles in your family. And miracles in our church. I believe God is going to set people on paths of destiny this weekend – speaking into hearts and revealing His purposes for many of you. It’s up to us to come with a posture that is ready to hear from God. To have the same attitude as the young prophet Samuel, “Speak Lord, your servant is listening.”

Coming with a posture of openness and receptivity is the only way we can receive from God. We see it time and again in the Bible. It was displayed in the young prophet Samuel – ignorance of God’s ways prevented that openness until he was coached by Eli. It was displayed in the life of Saul/Paul – his religious traditions and bigotry required Him to be humbled by God in order to be open enough to receive what God really had for him. We saw it in the life of the Canaanite woman – though it seemed Jesus wasn’t there for her (She wasn’t Jewish) God still moved in her life because of her receptivity to the Messiah.

Whether you’re coming to camp or not, this is going to be a significant time in the life of YOUR church family. It’s easy to turn off when you’re not coming to something like this and see it as irrelevant to you. But I want to challenge you today. Whether you’re coming or not, this will certainly impact your life as it impacts your spiritual home. Let’s push past our own self focus; the “What am I getting out of it?” mentality. I want to challenge you to be praying for this weekend in the lead up to it and throughout the weekend. Praying that God will build His church by building people’s lives. Pray that people will return home transformed and ready to step up to a new level in what God wants for them.

Let’s not turn into a “me” generation. Rather let’s be intentional about seeing God’s kingdom established in people’s lives – not just focused on “me and my own blessing”. Whether you’re coming or not; whether God touches you like you were believing for or not; let’s be about our Father’s business. Seeing Jesus name lifted up and people transformed by the power of God. If I happen to receive something in the middle of all that, then all the better. But my focus is on His Kingdom established and His name lifted up.

Looking forward to a phenomenal weekend in the life of our church

Alex & Sarah