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Prayer Changes Things

Categories: Featured,From Alex and Sarah

Hey Church,

I’m writing this the morning after a great time at our Worship and Prayer meeting. It was so good to see numbers of people out to pray last night at GPAC – I think our attendance doubled from the last time we got together.

There was a great sense of the presence of God as we worshipped and called out to God to prevail in the life of our church.

As I went home and started to reflect on the night, I started to think of example after example in the Bible where God moved powerfully and changed the situations of His people – even to the point of impacting the world around. Not the least example of which was the day of Pentecost – that which we just celebrated at the weekend.

A group of 120 people in an upper room. Having encountered Jesus, they are anticipating a move of God. But they don’t know exactly what it’s going to look like. And the reality is that they could never have been fully prepared for what was to come.

But that move of God didn’t happen just because they sat in a room together. Like every other move of God – whether among the kings of Israel, the exiles in Babylon or in the New Testament – this move was birthed out of hunger that was intense enough to compel the people of God to prayer.

Almost every move of God in the Bible – and since then – was birthed out of a place of prayer and hungering after God. Certainly there were many times individuals prayed and sought God to move, but the power that was harnessed when a group of people united together to seek God … it all too often changed the course of human history at those points.

I’ve said it before, but I am convinced that this year will be a time of engaging God in prayer at a much deeper level as an individual, and particularly in a corporate sense.

Can I encourage you to look for ways to spend just a little more time engaging God. Being aware of His presence and including Him in your life. Look for the opportunities presented to join together in corporate prayer and seek God on behalf of our whole church.

Take some time to CHOOSE to stir up hunger in your heart for God to be tangible in your life.

See you on Sunday

Alex & Sarah