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Hi Church,

Steve and I have spent the past few days under the phenomenal teaching of Dr Mark Rutland. With 50 years of ministry experience (including a stint as President of the highly influential Oral Roberts University), Dr Rutland is an insightful leadership teacher.

He said many things that challenged me this week but one question resonated strongly: What is the message of our church?

It’s an important question for each of us to answer. If we want to operate under the anointing God has for this house, it means being a clarion voice with that same message. It means looking at the message God wants to speak through this church family and asking – As part of this church family, how do I live this message in my sphere of influence?

And of course, in order to be able to live this message in my sphere of influence, I need to know what it is!

Articulated as simply as I can: Our message is to Accept God’s Love and Give It Away.

Our message is one of God’s love in your life and you being able to express that love to the people around you.

I want to ask you this week: If God’s message through this church family is about accepting Gods love and giving that to the people you come into contact with, what would it look like to do that in your workplace? Or in your university? Or in your school? Or at that café you always go to?

Let me challenge you to take a moment right now to think about how it looks to give Gods love away in your sphere and make a choice to do that tomorrow.

Have a great week church and I’ll see you on Sunday

Alex & Sarah