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Welcome to our Love2015 page!

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This is no ordinary webpage. It’s not just a page designed to give you information. This is a page that is designed to be interactive. For this page to really work as it’s intended, it needs YOUR input. YOUR stories. YOUR knowledge around what will help everyone else #AcceptGodsLoveAndGiveItAway.

Feel free to explore the page and click on new links as they appear and the page grows. But can I ask you to be a little more interactive than that and look out for ways you can contribute to the page.

There are many things you can do. When using social media – Facebook, Instagram or Twitter particularly – if you see something that reminds you to Accept Gods Love; maybe you see someone choosing to Give It Away – take a photo and hashtag it with #AcceptGodsLoveAndGiveItAway … it will be collated on this page to start to tell a living, breathing story about the way that the people of Hope City Church have chosen to #AcceptGodsLoveAndGiveItAway.

Maybe you hear a great quote that encourages, inspires or equips you to #AcceptGodsLoveAndGiveItAway, write it on your social media account and hashtag it with #AcceptGodsLoveAndGiveItAway.

Maybe there are resources you’re familiar with that will help equip people to #AcceptGodsLoveAndGiveItAway – again, it would be great for you to post them here also.

We want this page to be a place that not only tells a story, it equips people to #AcceptGodsLoveAndGiveItAway too.

Because you’re the one updating the page, it means it will change and grow over time. So don’t make this your last visit to the page, make sure you come back regularly and see what’s been updated.

Allow God to reveal His love to you in a way that opens your eyes to the myriad ways you can #AcceptGodsLoveAndGiveItAway.

See you on Sunday,
Alex & Sarah