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Living in Interesting Times

Categories: Featured,From Alex and Sarah

“May we be cursed to live in interesting times” – Chinese proverb

It’s certainly interesting that there seems to be so much political instability around the world right now. With the UK leaving the EU (#Brexit), the lead up to the presidential election in the US and now, it would seem, we will have a little bit longer to wait before we find out who is governing our country.

When you look at the stock markets, you see the effect of all of this instability. All of the instability and volatility in the market is just a reflection of the fear and anxiety people are feeling.

But fear and anxiety only comes when we put our trust in something that is unstable – a foundation that shakes. When we put our trust in finances. When we put our trust in our own resources. When we put our trust in a world system that can never deliver. These things will always ultimately bring about fear and anxiety.

But 2 Tim 1:7 tells us that:

God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.

In the midst of troubling and unstable times, we choose to put our trust in a God who cannot fail. Though nations and kingdoms shift and fall, our God is still on the throne. He gives us a spirit of power that brings change to the world around us. He gives us a spirit of love that transforms the people around us. And He gives us a sound mind to focus on His strength and ability.

Whether it’s the instability of governments around the world or your job situation. The instability of stock markets or your financial situation. The instability of our nations leadership or of key relationships in your life. Our peace comes from our trust in a God who is bigger than all of those situations.

If you’re facing unstable times right now, let me encourage you to turn your eyes toward Jesus and begin to put your trust in the One who stilled the waters and calmed the raging seas. He’s got your back.

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