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It’s Always About The Heart

Categories: Featured,From Alex and Sarah

Hey Church,

Our annual Firstfruits offering has come.

One of the dangers of having any regular event in church life – whether that’s a yearly offering like Firtsfruits, fortnightly communion or even weekly church services – is that it gets all too easy to forget the meaning of the event and simply celebrate it as ritual. We can lose the heart behind the action that gives the action any of its meaning 

We might still go through the motions of the thing, but the heart isn’t there and what God once intended as life giving becomes form and ceremony with no life to it at all.

Of course, it doesn’t have to be that way. In fact, God intended that it wouldn’t be that way at all. God always intended that the things He put in place would constantly remind us of His goodness and equip us to be His hands and feet to the world around us.

Firstfruits is no exception to that.

As we come to our Firstfruits Sunday this week, I want to urge you to come at it with a fresh heart. Come to this weekend with a fresh sense of gratitude at everything God has done for you – a gratitude that births a desire in your heart to give God your first and your best.

God’s intent was not that this attitude of gratitude would bring about guilt or compulsion. But rather that our gratitude would elicit a love response toward God. And out of that love response, we would choose to sow into His house in a way that makes His name great, builds His house and blesses his people.

Firstfruits has always been a favourite offering of our family – it’s the opportunity to express our love for God and for His family in such a tangible way. The opportunity to be intentional about bringing our best to Him.

Let me encourage you to take time to make this weekend meaningful for you – rather than simply going through the motions of another Sunday. God’s heart is always to bring a freshness to your every experience with Him.

See you on Sunday

Alex & Sarah