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God Exalts the Humble

Categories: Featured,From Alex and Sarah

Hey Church,

I’m writing this on the way down to Canberra to see Caitlin’s Marching Out Parade before she starts Uni.

As we’ve been driving down, I’ve been reflecting on God’s desire to draw us deeper into His love as we humble ourselves before Him.

As we draw closer to our time of fasting and prayer, I’m increasingly of the conviction that God’s heart in drawing us into a place of humility and dependence on Him is designed to show Him strong in our lives.

As a young man, I used to think humility was akin to weakness. Humble people got overlooked for promotions. Humble people never got noticed. Humble people ended up with the leftovers. But I learned that humility isn’t being weak. It’s not about being a wallflower; or even being self effacing.

Godly humility is about being honest. It’s about admitting to God, ourselves and those around us, that we need God in our lives. Humility is about simply acknowledging the plain truth that I need God to come through in every area of my life – being left to my own devices will surely mean certain failure.

I know God wants to bring us into a new place of dependence on Him in order to pour out His favour on your life. If scripture is true that God opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble, then we want to come before Him with humility. Exercising faith that He will provide whatever grace we need.

Can I encourage, challenge, cajole, persuade or entreat you: Consider how you can be involved in this time of prayer and fasting. Consider what you can fast in order to release a bit of time each day to humble yourself before God by praying and asking Him to come through. Consider setting aside the Tuesday night’s through this time to come and pray together with us.

I am convinced God’s heart is for 2017 to be a year of great blessing for so many – we release His blessing through our humility and persistence.

We’re so looking forward to what God is going to do in your life.

Alex & Sarah