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From Marion

Categories: Hope Project Trips

Hi all,

I am writing from the award-winning Tra My Guesthouse before heading off to meet the team at the cafe…you all know the one:)

The Team is working extremely well together and are doing the church proud. Apart from Christine Hall discovering the Vietnam belly welcome on day 1, everyone is in good form. A few can’t feel their hips first thing in the morning from the beds here at the Guesthouse but that’s part of the charm really.

On arrival in Tra My, we met with the Tra My Dolisa and they were brimming with enthusiasm and said that they talk about Hope City right up the chain at a provincial level. Praise God for favour, remembering that this is the woman who was so icy 18 months ago. A very different story now with lots of hugs etc.

We travelled to Tra Giac to see the Primary School. New principal and vice principal…both very pro-active and “so happy” to see us all. Since last there they have out of their own volition built another 2 classrooms from bamboo and timber planks to house the increasing number of students. That is significant as numbers continue to grow for children accessing education. The government has just stepped in in the last week and said that they will pay for the well to be dug. We have paid for the piping from the well to the storage tank and new toilet and shower block! From the funds we have sent that was dedicated to the well-building, we have put towards major electrical upgrades to the school as they didn’t have enough power to cook the rice for the children in the rice cookers!! Thanks to Adam, Glenn, Bruce and Nick, that is being completed today and all buildings will have power. Adam had a few words to say about the creative wiring solutions here in Vietnam. Very funny!!

Dan and Jordan have been fixing plumbing at the storage tank and joining pipes to the new toilet block in VERY hot and humid conditions.

The remainder of the team have been assembling second-hand desks that are pretty ordinary shape, ready for the additional classrooms as school starts next week. We did call them the IKEA team and they had a frustrating job trying to piece things together but did it with great attitude.

I am unable to do most things due to my wrist but can take pics etc. Frustrating.

Today we finish up at the primary school and some of the kids are coming to visit us which will be fun. We are also stopping in at the kindergarten and meeting the littlies and sussing out the playground situation for the TCC team. We are playing sport at the secondary school at lunch time and before heading back to Tra My today, will be re-visiting the medical centre and handing out more medical equipment, also purchased from re-allocated funds. A baby warmer, surgical supplies, blood pressure monitoring equipment etc are being donated.

Everyone is so enthusiastic about us being here…the locals in Tra My and Tra Giac smiling and coming up to us wanting to say hello. Beautiful.

The day trip to Tra Bui went extremely well. It takes between 2-3 hrs to get there, depending on washouts, oncoming trucks and livestock on the road. 

The child protection training has occurred and in the workshops the attendees identified child rape and trafficking as known risks, among other things. It is reassuring to know we are working in a good location for prevention.

Nick and Kristine did great and are both pumped about returning!! They love it!!

So so much more but all to say…God is brooding here and doing amazing things in the team, in the govt, the local people and AOGWR. 

Keep praying,