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What is Firstfruits?

Firstfruits is the physical act of giving that represents our hearts desire to give God our first and our best (traditionally this is a weeks wage, but many people give more and many give less. It’s more about the heart than the number).

Why is it relevant today?

Although we don’t bring a farmers harvest anymore, the principle of Firstfruits still holds true today. When we give our best to God, He blesses our whole life (Romans 11:16).

What if I can’t afford to give?

That’s ok. The amount is not the issue. Firstfruits is about a principle and that principle is giving God our best. Even 2 copper coins brings blessing to the heart of God when given with the right heart. (Mark 12:41-44)

Why is it so important?

The principle of Firstfruits (giving God our first and our best) recognises God as our priority in life. In return, He promises us a blessed life (Proverbs 3:9-10).

How is this different to my tithe?

Tithing practices the principle of returning to God what is His. Firstfruits practices the principle of giving God the first and best of what He has given us – our “harvest”.

Can I give more?

What you give is between you and God. We would urge you to consider prayerfully what it is God would have you contribute. When we give in obedience to God’s voice and with a joyful heart, we please the heart of God and faith rises in our heart because we have heard His voice. (2 Cor 9:7, Rom 10:17)

Where does the money go?

The Old Testament Firstfruit Offering was the income of the priests (Num 18:12, 13) since they were not allowed to work outside the Tabernacle. Because our staff are paid a salary, and to honour the principle of Firstfruits building God’s house, all of our Firstfruits Offering is used to resource Hope City Church through the purchase and fit out of our buildings across both campuses. Literally – Building God’s House!

How is this different to a ‘miracle offering’?

Firstfruits is a personal outworking of a desire to bring God our first and best – making all that we have holy unto Him. A miracle offering focuses on the church corporate believing God to provide for a specific need.


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