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First Things First…

Categories: Featured,From Alex and Sarah

Well the new year is well and truly underway!

And if Felicity’s calendar is anything to go by, theres only a few more days before everyone’s new years resolutions are broken!

I know that many people have started back at work already but the year really starts to hit full stride for most people around the end of January. That means there’s still a couple more weeks before the year is really in full swing.

That means there’s still a couple more weeks for you to take some time to ask yourself some poignant questions around what God has for you in 2016. There’s still a couple more weeks to decide what your focus will be on for this year.

The lame man by the pool of Bethesda showed us that when you focus on your circumstances, your faith, hope and vision wane quickly. When our circumstances become the defining point of our identity, we’ll be as unstable as our circumstances are.

Blind Bartimaeus showed us that when you only focus on outcomes and goals, your faith and vision can flourish for a time. But when you fail to meet expectation – when your goals fall flat – that which defined you now confines you. Though for a time our goals can give us a sense of identity, that quickly evaporates when we fail to achieve that which we think we should.

But King Solomon showed us that when our focus is on God’s Kingdom and His people, God adds to us those things that we need. It is here that we find fulfilment, purpose and identity because we were created to build Gods house. Everything else is going to pass.

So before the rush of 2016 overtakes you, let me encourage you to pause and ask some pertinent questions: “What can I do for God that will build His Kingdom?” “How can I engage people in a way that draws them closer to God’s love?” “How would God have me serve His house in a way that builds the people around me?”

Jesus told us in Matthew 6 that if we seek God’s Kingdom above all else, everything we need will be added to us. If we believe Him, it doesn’t make sense to pursue anything else except the building of his house.

I speak blessing over your 2016. See you on Sunday