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First Things First

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It’s a saying that has been bandied about a lot in the past but have you ever taken time to work out what it looks like in your life?

It’s too easy to get caught up in our day to day routine and begin to neglect that which is most important to us. All too often, it’s not the important things that clamber for our attention and we find ourselves engaged in the urgent at the expense of the truly important.

The last month or so has been such a significant time in the life of our church and it has the potential to change us forever if we let it. And the way it changes us is by causing us to bring into sharp focus the things that are truly most important to us.

Tragic events give us pause to think about things like eternity. They make us think about the important relationships in our life and how we’re maintaining those. They make us think about what it is we really want to see come out of our life.

As we embark on this next season, can I encourage you to be asking those questions of your own life.

  • Eternity – In what ways can I begin to ESTABLISH the kingdom in my sphere of influence?
  • Relationships – If I am to STRENGTHEN relationships, which are the key relationships in my life?
  • Life – If I’m going to see INCREASE in my life, how will that impact the world around me?

I know God has a plan for your life and I want to encourage you to pursue what that looks like so your life counts for more than just the here and now – It will count for eternity.

See you on Sunday

Alex & Sarah