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Declaring Gods Favour

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Hey Church

What a great weekend we had in church.

We’ve so loved being back and starting to catch up with people again. It’s so great to be back with church family.

And it’s been great to see some new people make Hope City Church their home over the last few weeks. Can I encourage you to be looking out for people you haven’t met and make them feel part of family here. Invite them over for lunch or out to dinner sometime. Let’s be intentional about being family to one another.

For those who have been asking about Caitlin, thanks so much for your concern and prayers. After a very tough first week with serious culture shock, she’s doing much better and this is her last week of the Year One Familiarisation Training (YOFT for short). We’re looking forward to going down to Canberra next week to see her March Out Parade before Uni starts.

In the final Episode of our series at the weekend, we talked about the power in affirming Gods word to us. The power of speaking it out loud enough for your own ears to hear your agreement with God’s word to you. We took time to put it into practice on Sunday morning.

But let me encourage you to continue to speak that over your life. Affirming that which God speaks into our lives needs to become a part of our lifestyle … If faith comes by hearing His word to us, then we need to keep hearing His word in order to grow in our faith and see His favour poured out on our lives. It’s not a one-off thing.

After the service, someone gave me a declaration entitled “The Favour of God”, that I’d love to share with you:

In the Name of Jesus, I am the righteousness of God and God’s favour surrounds the righteous. It surrounds me. It’s all over me. It goes before me. I can depend upon it every day of my life. I decree out of my mouth that the favour of God is opening doors that no man can shut. The favour of God is changing things that even look impossible. The favour of God is working on my behalf. Thank you Father, in advance, for all the turnarounds, all the miracles, and all the breakthroughs that are coming my way because I have favour with you.

Now that’s worth declaring over your life every day.

God’s favour rest on you. See you on Sunday

Alex & Sarah.