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Join Us for our Christmas Service

We would love to see you at our Christmas Service at 6:30pm on Sunday 23rd December. 

Join with us for our Sunday Service

We meet at Grovely State School @ 9.30am

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21st August 2015

  The Hope City Church Team finished up in Tra Giac late today after a mammoth effort at the Primary School, doing major re-wiring, plumbing, water line installation, desk construction and cleaning. We have met with key community stakeholders, along with the AOGWR Team, and doors are flying open in so many areas. It is…

19th August 2015

  19th August 2015 We saw Child Protection Training delivered in the extremely remote mountain community of Tra Bui, with sensitive abuse issues and the threat of trafficking discussed. Such incredible favour is building from the Vietnam Government. Thank you AOGWorld Relief for allowing us the honour of walking and working with you in these…