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The Hard Sayings of Jesus

Hey Church, I was reading John 6:60 in my devotions this week. Many disciples of Jesus had just heard Him speak to them about their need to accept Jesus as the very bread of life from heaven. He taught a whole range of things at this time, many of which were quite offensive to their…

The Season Ahead

Hey church, After a season of long weekends where we’ve had 4 short weeks in a row, it seems life is going to return to some level of normality. (Wouldn’t it be great if 4 day work weeks were the new normal?) I was so encouraged by the response on Sunday after we took some…

State of the Nation

Hey Church, Thank you so much for being a part of our ANZAC Day honouring service. It’s a great opportunity to show our defence force that we, as a church, are grateful for their service. I hope you got to attend one of the many ANZAC Day functions held across Brisbane on Tuesday. You may…

The Power of the Gospel

Hey Church, What a fabulous celebration our Easter weekend was. It was so good to come together and celebrate the fantastic things that Jesus death and resurrection has bought for us. It was also great to see a number of people give their lives to Jesus on Resurrection Sunday. Sometimes I think we underestimate the…

A Victory Won

Hey Church, As a kid growing up in a Catholic family, this week was a big week for us … Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday.  And at the time, even though my Catholic primary school celebrated each day that week, most of those days didn’t mean a lot to me –…