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Cambodia Trip Update

Categories: Hope Project Trips

Hi there

Things are nothing short of full on here! 

We are 3/4 of our way through running workshops for the disciples ( young adult leaders) , with an emphasis on communication among teams, and it is highlighting some areas of future development as well as encouraging them at the same time. This kind of teaching is not done very often is is well appreciated here. 

Kids Club is going off!! Never before have science experiments been used as a medium for teaching these vulnerable children and so everyone is absolutely loving the dynamic of activities that involve such things as explosions, lab coats, lava lamps and rockets…and all to teach principles from Proverbs!! 

The team is humming nicely through this busy schedule and is engaging so well in all the different activities. We took one of the AIM team out to dinner last night and feasted on tarantulas, silkworms, crickets and cockroach guts…mmmmm. Cross-cultural experiences are aplenty:))

The community workshops and house mom’s workshops involve teaching in First Aid. Some local myths are being debunked as we take these groups through hands on learnings that are building both capacity and confidence. It has been phenomenally received, with great engagement, relationship building and laughter happening along the way. Tomorrow we present personal first aid kits to each participant which should be fun:)

Visits to various brick factories have been confronting indeed. The conditions that families live in there is hard to process. We have been clipping nails and washing the hair of children in these factories, teaching parents about the importance of caring for their children in personal hygiene.

Next week, we are building a house down the road from the house we helped build last year. We will be concreting pillars and “other things” that leave us wondering what we’re in for:)))

The AIM team have been nothing short of gracious and appreciative of the Team and the support from Hope City Church. We ran into Don Brewster, the founder of AIM, and he said he was thrilled to meet the Aussie team and that our teams are among their absolute favourites here! We are spending time with him next week and it will be great to pick his brains a bit and hear about where things are at.

Svay Pak is a complicated community, with so many issues at play that jigsaw together to not only create a provocative picture of child sex trafficking in this country but also illuminate the complex responses to those challenges. 

It is a privilege to serve alongside others dedicated to seeing freedom come to children and young women in this community and provide encouragement, support and practical teaching to so many people. It  plays a very real part in fuelling the war against human trafficking. 

We head to Siem Reap tomorrow evening for some much needed down time before returning to Phnom Penh in time to start house-building next week!! Good times:)

Thanks for your prayer.

Talk soon,

Marion, Bruce and the team