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A World Without Easter

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a world without easter


In just over a week, we’ll be celebrating the pinnacle event on the Christian Calendar. Easter.

Christianity wouldn’t even exist if not for the death and resurrection of Jesus.

Imagine that for just a moment.

What would the western world would look like without the influence that Christianity has had upon its formation – upon the formation of its laws and values. How would our culture be different? Our value for life?

Closer to home, what would your life look like if Jesus wasn’t in it? What would your friendships look like? Your relationships? Your value system?

For some of you, the difference would be vast and apparent. Some have come from difficult circumstances. Some from drug backgrounds. Some came from wild lives that were rapidly and obviously headed for destruction.

But there are others of us that never delved into that lifestyle. Our families weren’t “broken” – at least not in the traditional meaning of that word. We lived “regular” lives of generally being “good” people.

And yet, like inhabitants of “The Matrix”, we didn’t even realize we were living lives of futility and purposelessness while heading for destruction.

At that first Easter, Jesus changed it all. Jesus death placed an inestimable value on your life. In 1 Corinthians 6, Paul tells us that we were bought with an incredible price – the precious blood of Christ.

Jesus resurrection then completed the job – not only paying for our sin, but defeating death and making a way for us to know God intimately and His eternal life.

It can be a difficult exercise to conceive a life that is so vastly different to the one we live right now. But thankfully, it only need ever be an exercise. We will never have to live separated from God ever again.

This Easter, let’s take time to reflect and be thankful for what God has done in our lives.