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Hope City Church Celebrates 60 Years

On Sunday 17th February we will be having a special service to celebrate 60 years of Hope City Church making a difference in people’s lives. We invite you to join with us at our 9:30am service at Grovely State School Performing Arts Complex to hear from people as they share their personal experience of the difference being part of the church family has made. Afterwards, we invite you to stay around and chat over a special celebration morning tea.

Join with us for our Sunday Service

We meet at Grovely State School @ 9.30am

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15th September 2015

Categories: Hope Project Trips

The Team is back in Svay Pak, doing an amazing job helping to build a house opposite one of the brick factories, in what is a very challenging environment. We have been sanding all the timber and notching out posts and beams and we are absolutely smothered in sawdust:))) Thank you Hope City Church for sending funds to do this. The lovely woman who will live here lost her home in a storm and she plays a vital pastoral role amongst the families who work in the brick factories. What a great day!

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