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Colin and Lisa McInnes Smith

You will love the freshness and raw honesty Lisa brings as she inspires you to more in your life.

Toowoomba 9.30am

Brisbane 5.30pm

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Lisa McInnes at Hope City Church
childhood cancer 2

Love Revolution

The Revolution is Coming – October 15

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Hope Life – June – August 2016

Check out some of the great ways that you can engage in the life of Hope City Church through Hope Life!


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Hope Life Jun - Aug 2016

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Build 2016, Establish, Strengthen, Increase. Hope City Church


      What a great weekend in church. On Sunday we had our 2nd ESTABLISH Sunday for the year in our Brisbane Campus. As I heard of some of the great things God is doing and enabling us to do in ESTABLISHing the Kingdom, I left church grateful and amazed that God would use…

Living in Interesting Times

Living in Interesting Times

“May we be cursed to live in interesting times” – Chinese proverb It’s certainly interesting that there seems to be so much political instability around the world right now. With the UK leaving the EU (#Brexit), the lead up to the presidential election in the US and now, it would seem, we will have a…


Jesus is still in charge!

“This is the most important election in a generation” No, it isn’t. “I believe this is the most important election in my lifetime.” Probably not – depending on your age. “Australia stands at the crossroads of the most important election in decades.” No, we don’t. We live in an age where the media constantly use…