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Ps Ian Zerna

Brisbane Campus 20th – 21st August

Toowoomba Campus 21st – 22nd August

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Ps Ian
childhood cancer 2

Love Revolution

The Revolution is Coming – October 15

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Hope Life – June – August 2016

Check out some of the great ways that you can engage in the life of Hope City Church through Hope Life!


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Hope Life Jun - Aug 2016

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Accept God's Love and give it away

Our Message

Hi Church, Steve and I have spent the past few days under the phenomenal teaching of Dr Mark Rutland. With 50 years of ministry experience (including a stint as President of the highly influential Oral Roberts University), Dr Rutland is an insightful leadership teacher. He said many things that challenged me this week but one…

Number Your Days

Number Your Days

  What a great weekend we just had with Lisa and Colin McInnes Smith! For those who made it to the Marriage Tune up, you would already know how valuable and challenging that time was. There was so much content – I’m still picking through it to work out what are the priority areas to…

Build 2016, Establish, Strengthen, Increase. Hope City Church


      What a great weekend in church. On Sunday we had our 2nd ESTABLISH Sunday for the year in our Brisbane Campus. As I heard of some of the great things God is doing and enabling us to do in ESTABLISHing the Kingdom, I left church grateful and amazed that God would use…